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Bride and groom in a field at The Barn at Bradstreet Farm.

The Barn at Bradstreet Farm

At Pirates Lane Video, we're privileged to capture the essence of love at historic venues like "The Barn at Bradstreet Farm." Located in New England, this 7-acre farm, dating back centuries, provides the perfect rustic backdrop for weddings.


Rustic Charm

Bradstreet Farm's rustic allure is evident in its weathered barn, offering a timeless ambiance that's a joy to capture on film.


Highlights Film of James and Laura's wedding at The Barn at Bradstreet Farm.

Love in Every Frame

Every wedding we film at this venue tells a unique love story against the backdrop of this historic barn. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, Bradstreet Farm sets the stage for unforgettable moments.


Colleen and Matt's wedding highlights film, at The Barn at Bradstreet Farm.


Natural Beauty

Surrounded by picturesque New England landscapes, our wedding videos at Bradstreet Farm benefit from stunning outdoor settings. The rolling hills, fields, and gardens make for captivating backdrops to every wedding.

In every frame we capture, Bradstreet Farm's rustic beauty and historic charm shine through, making it a truly memorable setting for weddings.


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