Jim Merchant (he/him)
Jim Merchant (he/him)Lead Videographer/EditorJim@pirateslane.com
Since starting Pirates Lane Video in 2010 Jim has filmed hundreds of weddings. With the help of his wife Michelle, and their oldest child Michael he films and edits dozens of weddings per year while keeping all of the work in house.
Michelle Merchant (she/her)
Michelle Merchant (she/her)Videographer/Assistant Editor
Michelle works as a second shooter, camera assistant, and assistant editor depending on the wedding.
Michael Merchant (they/them)
Michael Merchant (they/them)Editor/Videographer
Michael started learning editing about 2016 and has been editing weddings since 2018. Michael has also worked as a camera operator for sporting events, plays and weddings.
MarsChief of Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that come up a lot. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!
Who will be filming my wedding?
All weddings are filmed by Jim Merchant as the lead videographer.

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